Score NFL bonus wins with SugarHouse Million Dollar Streak

There are a lot of NFL betting promos at New Jersey sportsbooks but, typically, you have to make multiple picks and win a Monday night game. However, with the SugarHouse Million Dollar Streak promo you only have to make the right pick on Thursday and the more picks you make right until the end of the season, the more you can win.

The promo kicked off at the beginning of the season, but you still have several weeks to take advantage. There is $1,000,000 up for grabs for going a perfect 17-0 on the season, but you would have had to make a bet on every single Thursday night to achieve that. Still, there is some good bonus loot to be had for the remainder of the NFL season.

One of the cool things about the SugarHouse Million Dollar Streak promo is that you only need to wager $25 for each Thursday night game. The only exception to that rule is the three Thanksgiving Day games, so the minimum wager for that day is $75.

How does the Million Dollar Streak work?

This SugarHouse promo is pretty easy to understand. Make a wager of at least $25 on the Thursday night NFL game and if you win three in a row, you will earn bonus money. The bonus money you win will increase the more wins you get in a row. With six weeks left in the regular season you could win up to $150 in bonus money by picking each of the remaining six Thursday games, which include the Thanksgiving Day games.

The bets have to be made through the Million Dollar Streak Challenge menu. The lines are put out for that NFL game at SugarHouse every Tuesday and you can make your bet from then until game bets close on Thursday. It is a good idea to make the pick early as the SugarHouse NJ sportsbook website does not specifically state what time game bets close.

One situation that is special in this promo is if the Thursday night game is a push. If it is a push, you will not end or extend the streak but have the chance to begin or extend the streak with the Sunday night game. So, if the Thursday night game is a push and you are in the promo, you will be able to go in and then bet on the Sunday night game. If the Sunday night game pushes then you will bet on the Monday night game. If all three games push then it will be seen as a win.

If you skip a week in the SugarHouse promo then your streak will not end but start up again when you make a bet on the next Thursday game.

Prizes and wagering requirements

There are bigger payouts for longer streaks. Here are the bonus prizes on offer for the remainder of the NFL regular season:

Three straight wins = $25 bonus money
Four straight wins = $50 bonus money
Five straight wins = $100 bonus money
Six straight wins = $150 bonus money

You will receive the bonus money 48 hours after your winning streak ends. There is a 1x wagering requirement on all bets, covering the sportsbook, casino and poker rooms at SugarHouse NJ.

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