New Jersey sportsbooks roll out NBA betting promotions

New Jersey online sportsbooks run thousands upon thousands of NBA betting markets throughout the US basketball season. They also offer a stack of NBA bonus offers, promotions and specials to ensure loyal customers get top value for money.

FanDuel NBA insurance promotion

We all know the feeling when your has a meltdown in the fourth quarter. Giving up a big lead late can be a heartbreaker and a bet killer. However, FanDuel Sportsbook NJ has a great promo that can help with the heartbreak.

FanDuel’s third-quarter insurance bet gives you cover on NBA moneyline wagers. If your team leads at the end of the third quarter and then goes on to lose the game, you get up to $50 back in FanDuel betting credits. So if you win, you win; but if you lose, you still walk away with something.

Make It Rain at PointsBet NJ

PointsBet NJ’s Make It Rain promo proved so popular during March Madness in the 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament, the bookie decided to roll it out for the entirety of the 2019-20 NBA season.

If you make a $100 spread bet on an NBA game, you will receive $3 every time your team nails a three-pointer. If you doubt the value of that arrangement, look at the Houston Rockets last season – they jacked up more than 16 three-pointers a game, which equates to an average of $48 per game on top of any winnings from the line bet.

PointsBet’s Make It Rain promo bet is only available on certain games, so check out the schedule and the stats to see what teams offer the best value.

PointsBet First 4 Points bonus

PointsBet has another NBA betting promo called The First 4 Points. If you make a moneyline wager on a game that is eligible, PointsBet will pay you out up to $100 if your team scores the first four points in that game. As with FanDuel’s insurance special, winning bets pay out in typical fashion.

The Karma Kommittee at PointsBet New Jersey is known for making things right. The bookie refunded in full all of the losing moneyline bets on the New Orleans Pelicans when they lost in OT on opening night to the Toronto Raptors. The Karma Kommittee is well known for keeping customers happy, and you can be sure there will be more refunds like the example above.

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