Borgata and BetMGM roll out March Madness betting promotions

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is still a couple of weeks away, but you can take advantage of March Madness promotions now at two of New Jersey’s best online sportsbooks in BetMGM and Borgata.

$20 risk-free college basketball bonus

When logging into your account at BetMGM or Borgata you can opt into the $20 free bet offer and best risk-free up to $20. You can bet before a college basketball game and bet $20 on any game you wish. If you lose your wager you will get a free wager that is the same amount that you bet on the game. Then you will get a free wager that is split into two wagers of 50% of the total overall wager. Within 24 hours of the losing wager, you will see the two free wagers in your sportsbook account. Then after that, you have a week to use those free bets.

If your free bets are winners you will be paid out the winnings, but you will not receive the amount of the wager. The free wagers cannot be used in the poker room or the casino.

$100 bonus on basketball in-play bets

At BetMGM if you make a bet in-play for a hoops game you can get a free bet of up to $100. To take advantage of this promo login to your BetMGM New Jersey betting app on your IOS or Android device from Tuesday to Sunday. Then make a live wager on any college or NBA game but the game must have odds of -150 or more.

It does not matter if you win or lose the bet, as you will still get 20% of the amount bet returned to you in free bets up to $100 daily. For example, if you bet $500 in a day you will get $100 in free wagers. The minimum wager for this promo is $25 and it is available until the conclusion of the basketball season, which means March for college hoops and June for the NBA.

The free bets you will receive will go right into your account within 24 hours. However, you have to redeem the free bets online or you will have to redeem them from the BetMGM sports application. You have three days of receipt to do this. The free wagers cannot be used playing poker or casino games and they cannot be redeemed for cash as well.

Borgata’s March Madness promotion

The March Madness promo at Borgata began on November 25 of last year and runs through Sunday, March 4. If you make a bet before a college game you can get an in-play bet free up to $100.

Every week you want to take part in this promo you will need to:

• Login to your Borgata sports application from your iOS or Android device.
• Opt-in the promo of Campus Bet & Get
• Make a bet before a college basketball game on Thursday through Sunday of at least $25 with odds that are -150 or more.
• If you win or lose the bet you will then get a free bet for a live in-play wager that equals 20% of the bet you made up to $100 on an additional college hoops game.

This offer is available to you once daily, for Thursday through Sunday games, so you can take advantage of the offer four times weekly.

For any week while the promo is available you can bet as little as $25 to get a $5 free live bet or as much as $2,000, $500 for all four days, to receive a whopping $400 in free live bets. You will receive your free bets in your sportsbook account in 24 hours. Then you have three days to redeem the free bet you received, and you can redeem it online or by using your Borgata sports application.

If your free bet is a winning one you get paid only for the winnings and not the overall cost of the wager. You have to make the free bets on live in-play bets and only for college hoops games. The free bet cannot be used for any other kind of bets, such as poker and casino bets, and they can also not be redeemed for cash.

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