Win a share of $54k with free DraftKings Super Bowl Squares pool

Like all of the licensed New Jersey sportsbooks, DraftKings is offering many Super Bowl betting options. However, DK is standing out from the crowd with a $54,000 Super Bowl Squares contest that is free to play.

To play, all you have to do is choose one square out of 100 on a digital board and then watch the big game on February 2 between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. This is the second year in a row that DraftKings has had this contest, which is available to all players that have a DraftKings New Jersey sportsbook account.

To win, your numbers have to match the last digit of each team’s score exactly at the end of a quarter. So if the first quarter ends with the Chiefs leading 7-0, for instance, you need a seven and a zero to win. You will not know your combination of numbers until kickoff.

Here is how the DraftKings $54,000 free pool contest works:

• When you click on an empty square, that one is yours for all four quarters and overtime.
• The pick that you make cannot be changed.
• The DraftKings NJ sportsbook will then reveal the randomly assigned numbers for each square before kickoff.
• DraftKings will then give payouts out at the end of each of the quarters in the game.
• All people with a winning square will share in that quarter’s prize pool.

Here is a breakdown of the money:

• First quarter – $8,100
• Second quarter – $16,200
• Third quarter – $8,100
• End of the game – $21,600

The money that is won will be directly paid to the winner’s DraftKings sportsbook account.

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