Boost Your Borgata New Jersey Casino Account In January

January is a month that is very popular when it comes to playing online casinos in New Jersey. One online casino in Borgata is starting the year off the right way offering some great bonus offers.

Borgata is offering a special promotion for almost every day of the week and by taking advantage of them players can really boost their account. It is pretty obvious that bonuses and promotions are available at, pretty much, all online casinos in the Garden State. However, most of the bonuses are not valid for long usually just a day or two. Borgata online casino has a promotion for the New Year where you can get a great bonus almost every day.

The offer that Borgata has for January allows you to claim a bonus every day with the exception of Monday. One advantage Borgata offers is that it is just not for one day of the week but again for every week throughout the month.

Loyal players at the Borgata NJ online casino know these types of deals and take advantage of them to pad their account. However, with the New Year here there are some new offers there as well as some old favorites.

The Borgata Play and Earn Tuesday Bonus

The Play and Earn Tuesday Bonus at Borgata NJ allows you to load your account at the reputable online casinos each and every Tuesday with up to $200 bonus dollars. All you have to do is play the game at Borgata that you want, and you will be rewarded with bonus dollars and this is on top if the iRP’s you already can earn. The more iRP’s that you earn on every Tuesday in January the more bonus dollars you will be rewarded with up to $200.

This is how the offer works:

  • On Tuesday, every week in January, login to you Borgata account.
  • Opt into to the Play & Earn promotion through the Promotions tab.
  • Play whatever game you want.

To be eligible for the bonus you have to earn at least 100 iRP’s. The bonus money you get through this promotion will automatically be credit to your Borgata account. After getting bonus money you can stop playing or keep playing for more bonus money. At the level of 100 iRP’s you will get at least $5 in bonus money and if you keep playing you can get up to $100 in bonus money if you have earned at least 3,000 iRP’s.

Here is the chart for the Play and Earn Tuesday Bonus:
iRP Points Required – Bonus Dollar Reward

  • 100 iRPs – $5 Bonus Dollars
  • 300 iRPs – $10 Bonus Dollars
  • 500 iRPs – $10 Bonus Dollars
  • 750 iRPs – $25 Bonus Dollars
  • 1500 iRPs – $50 Bonus Dollars
  • 3000 iRPs – $100 Bonus Dollars

The rewards in. this Borgata bonus are cumulative, which means if you get to all six of the levels of iRP points you can get a total of $200 in bonus dollars right into your account. There are terms and conditions for this bonus, which are shown on the Borgata NJ online casino website. This promotion above is just for Tuesday and head to Borgata to check out all of their other lucrative promotion offers.

Borgata Casino is the home of licensed New Jersey sportsbook BetMGM.

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