Nascar betting sites in New Jersey

Nascar betting sites in New Jersey

Many sportsbooks offer NASCAR betting and on top of that, there are many different types of bets to make. Not only can you wager on the Monster Energy Cup Series, which is held weekly, but also on All-Star races, Xfinity or Gander Outdoors Truck races, and even more depending on the NASCAR betting sites. There are also NASCAR betting sites that have proposition bets for qualifying for the bigger races such as the Brickyard 400, Daytona 500, and Darlington to just name a few.


An overview of NASCAR betting in the USA

NASCAR is very popular in the United States, and the world over, and that is especially the case in the southern part of the country. Almost every weekend there is a race going on with many bets available for it. The main goal of every driver is to win the NASCAR Cup championship and most NASCAR betting sites will have futures bets for that title available throughout the motor racing season.

Typically the NASCAR season is nine months long and because of that, there is no lack of betting options at NASCAR sports betting sites. The 2020 season was an exception to the typical season being shortened due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Unlike a spread or over/under for other sports such as basketball (NBA betting guide) and football (NFL betting guide), NASCAR uses the moneyline for most of NASCAR betting. In the moneyline there are inflated odds since there is no spread for the favorite or underdog. In using the moneyline the -in front of the number signifies the favorite and the + signifies the underdog. In most NASCAR betting you will just see the +, as you will only see the – for head-to-head NASCAR betting matchups.

Top NASCAR Sportsbooks in 2024

New Jersey has legal online sportsbooks in 2024 after legislation was updated to allow sports betting. NASCAR betting sites are very convenient in NJ, with it possible to bet via your mobile phones and tablets. The top NASCAR sportsbooks will have many different bet types and handicap the big events very fairly. Our top NJ NASCAR betting sites for 2020 are:

Examples of the NASCAR moneyline

Here are two examples of the moneyline:

A NASCAR betting site has odds posted for the outright winner of the Daytona 500 with Kyle Busch with the best odds at +400 followed by all of the other drivers. If you want to bet on him to win, using increments of $100 to make it easier to explain, you would bet $100 to win $400 if Bush wins the race.

Here is an example of NASCAR betting where you may see a -. In a head-to-head bet, betting on one driver to finish ahead of the other, you see odds of Kyle Busch at -130 and Kevin Harvick at +140. In this example, Busch is the favorite to finish ahead of Harvick. In this example, you would have to bet $130 to win $100 betting on Busch and bet $100 to win $140 betting on Harvick. You can see betting on Harvick gives you the better payout and that is because he is the underdog in the head-to-head bet.

NASCAR bet types at US sportsbooks

Let’s take a look at the NASCAR betting options you will encounter at NASCAR betting sites in New Jersey. The top NASCAR sportsbooks will have a huge amount of betting markets on this popular brand of car racing. Some of the most popular ways to bet on NASCAR include wagering on the outright winner, Place betting and novelties.

Here are some of the most popular NASCAR bets explained in depth:

  • Outright Winner

    He outright winner is the most popular type of NASCAR betting where you are simply picking a driver to win the race. Here is an example of an outright winner bet that you will see at NASCAR sports betting sites with the top 10 drivers listed:

    Odds to win the Daytona 500

    • Kevin Harvick+400
    • Denny Hamlin +500
    • Joey Lagano +550
    • Kyle Bush +600
    • Jimmie Johnson +600
    • Chase Elliot +650
    • Kurt Bush +700
    • Cole Custer +800
    • Martin Truex Jr. +900
    • Alex Bowman

    Again, this is just an example of the outright bet for the top 10 drivers, as the NASCAR sports betting sites will have odds for almost all the driver’s in the field. So, in this example, if you pick Jimmy Johnson to win you are betting $100 to win $600.

  • NASCAR place Betting

    Most NASCAR sports betting sites will have NASCAR finish position betting available mainly known as place betting. Typically, NASCAR betting sites will have the top three and top five finishers, and some will offer the top 10. The odds are just like above but you are picking a driver to finish in the top three or five depending on the bet you make.

    In place betting the drivers with the best odds to win the overall race will have less favorable odds for place betting. For example, in the example above of the outright winner Kevin Harvick is the betting favorite at +400 but for a top-three finish, he may be at +120.

    NASCAR betting in the USA

  • NASCAR Betting Futures

    NASCAR betting futures is betting on a race well before it happens or the season-ending title. There are futures for the bigger races but the main one is picking a driver to win the NASCAR Cup at the end of the season.

    For example, for a futures bet on which driver will win the NASCAR Cup at the end of the season, NASCAR sports betting sites will have odds posted for drivers before the season and the odds will change depending on how the driver is doing.

    Let’s say Kevin Harvick has the best odds to win the NASCAR Cup before the season at +500. He blows out of the gates winning two of the first five races and places well in the others. Early in the season, he has a sizeable lead in NASCAR points and because of this his futures odds to win the NASCAR Cup may change to +300 to reflect his fast start.

    Conversely, if another driver is at +700 and they get off to a terrible start his odds will go up to +1000 since it is less likely that he will win the title.

    The odds that you get for a futures bet are the ones you are locked in on no matter how much those odds change.

  • NASCAR Betting Proposition Bets

    NASCAR betting props are ones where you are betting on a certain scenario in a race. A few examples of prop bets in NASCAR betting are:

    • Which auto manufacturer will win the race?
    • How many caution flags will be in the race?
    • How many crashes will be in the race?
    • How many caution laps will there be?

    Some prop bets will have odds listed like outright and futures bet like which auto manufacturer will win the race? Others will have even payout odds such as over/under how many caution flags in a race. NASCAR betting props are a way to get in on some wagering action without picking a winner or finisher in a race, as most of them have nothing to do with the overall outcome of the race.

  • NASCAR Betting Matchups

    There are NASCAR betting matchups with the popular bets being head-to-head matchups and group matchups.

    In the head-to-head NASCAR betting matchups, the NASCAR sports betting site will have two drivers with odds, and you are simply picking the driver to finish ahead of the other. In the group NASCAR betting matchups, the NASCAR betting site will typically have four drivers each having odds. Just like the head-to-head bet you are picking one of the four drivers to finish ahead of the other three drivers.

  • NASCAR In-Race or live Betting

    NASCAR in-race betting is very popular these days and also referred to as live betting. NASCAR live betting, is when you bet on the race before it happens. For more typical bets you have to make them before the race begins. However, for NASCAR in-race betting you are betting on the race as it happens. The outright winner and place bets are the most common ones for live NASCAR betting but there can be more depending on the NASCAR sports betting site you are at.

    The NASCAR sports betting site that offers NASCAR in-race betting will have odds for the race as it is happening live. The odds will change depending on how the race is unfolding. For example, if Kyle Bush gets off to a very slow start and drops to +1000 to win the race and then goes on a tear in the middle of the race to get back in contention his odds will go up to, let’s say, +500. The odds are always changing for live betting, which is why it is an exciting type of NASCAR betting. Just like with futures NASCAR betting the odds you get at the time you make the live bet are the ones you are locked in no matter how much they change during the race.

    There are some NASCAR sports betting sites that will have live streaming of races as well. Because of this you can watch the race live and make bets at the same time for NASCAR in-race betting and that is exciting, to say the least.

  • Handicap bets in NASCAR

    Like any other sport, you can increase your chances to win by handicapping a NASCAR race. You can do some homework before a race to get a better inkling of what will happen. For example, you can look at the form of a driver for the last few races and also how that driver has placed in that race in the past.

    If a driver is better on a short track than they may be a better bet for the .526-mile Martinsville Speedway rather than the 2.66-mile Talladega Superspeedway. This means NASCAR sportsbooks might run a handicap market, which essentially will give racers a time penalty or time advantage, and punters have to take this into consideration, when betting on these odds.

NASCAR betting summary

When it comes to NASCAR betting the bigger the race the more bets there will be available. This is especially the case for prop betting. The Daytona 500 is the most prestigious race and run in February every year. It is the start of the NASCAR season and not only are there many bets to make on the race, but some NASCAR sports betting sites will offer special promotions for it. NASCAR betting is exciting and if you know the bets and how to handicap races it also can be very lucrative. It’s also a very exciting sport to watch on TV, with it perfect for kicking back and having a punt via a betting app and then viewing it.

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