Caesars Casino & Sportsbook giving away 5m rewards points in May

Caesars Casino & Sportsbook is open for business and has a great promotion where you can win part of the 5 million Reward Credit prize pool. The offer began on the May 1 and runs until May 14.

If you are a registered customer at Caesars Casino & Sportsbook, you simply have to make a $10 deposit into your account at any time when the promotion is taking place. Here are the steps to follow to take advantage of the special offer:

• Log into your Caesars Casino & Sportsbook account during the promotion period
• Click on ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Bonuses & Offers’
• Enter the bonus code 5MILLION
• Click on ‘Get Details’
• Scroll down to ‘Available Bonuses’ and then click ‘Deposit’
• Deposit at least $10

When you deposit at least $10, you will get one entry in the prize draw. You can only get one entry per transaction, regardless of how much you deposit. On June 1, there will be a random drawing to award the prizes. All of the prizes are Caesars Rewards online credits, which will be credited to each winner’s account right away.

Here is the payout structure of the promotion:

• 1st prize (1 winner) – 1 million credits
• 2nd prize (3 winners) – 100,000 credits
• 3rd prize (5 winners) – 50,000 credits
• 4th prize (10 winners) – 25,000 credits
• 5th prize (25 winners) – 10,000 credits
• 6th prize (50 winners) – 5,000 credits
• 7th prize (100 winners) – 2,500 credits
• 8th prize (3,450 winners) – 1,000 credits

If you are a not already a member of the Caesars Rewards program, you need to click on the ‘Caesars Rewards’ link on the Caesars Casino & Sportsbook website before the drawing takes place. When you then click to join, you then click on the website link to connect your Caesars betting account and Caesars Rewards account. If you get any additional Caesars Rewards credits in the promo, they will be added to the credits you already have.

Once you have a certain amount of credits in your account, you can start converting them into real cash. To do this, you just have to log into your online account, click the ‘Balances’ link, and input the number of Caesars Rewards credits you want to convert into cash. For every 1,000 credits you redeem, Caesars will add $10 in cash to your betting account.

When the Caesars casino properties reopen, you can use the rewards points for things such as play at the casino, hotel rooms, shopping, and bars and restaurants.

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