Bayes Esports enters New Jersey and Colorado betting markets

One of the world’s leading providers of esports live data, Bayes Esports has made moves to expand into the US and will operate in Colorado and New Jersey as a licensed sports betting supplier.

The German-based company has also broadened its partnership with online gambling firm bet365. It will officially supply the bookmakers with licensed esports live data upon its entry into the markets of the two mentioned states. The partnership will also build on bet365’s tech stack in New Jersey and Colorado.

The recent development has made Bayes Esports the first registered supplier in the country to make use of official esports live data from a game publisher directly. The partnership will also aid Bayes Esports in supporting the future generation’s experience in online betting.

Betting operators will likely have a hard time ensuring that their entire betting value chain is appropriately licensed on a state, sport, and event basis due to the differing regulations among the states. The operators may also incur heavy fines in a situation and be red-listed in a state if they offer unlicensed services or make use of unofficial data offerings.

Due to the usage of official live game data and its importance in protecting the integrity of sports betting, the US betting industry’s integrity has been placed on a new standard. Bayes Esports has also created a gateway for future esports betting operators to participate in the US market easily.

The esports company is currently leading the charge to ensure that the US legislation allows live online betting in 31 states and esports betting in nine states. Bayes Esports is reportedly working hand in hand with the relevant legislative powers and governing bodies, including the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

The regulators have to approve Nevada sportsbooks offering esports bets in order for them to operate. The company is working with the regulators to determine how legislation can be created to ensure esports betting and live online betting will be offered responsibly and legally.

Bayes Esports also revealed that it was aware of the challenges states who are opening to online sports betting faced. Operators usually face issues when ensuring that their betting value chain is sufficiently licensed.

As a licensed operator, the company noted its position nullified any illegitimacy worries concerning the sports betting data it supplies.

The COO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports, Amir Mirzaee, revealed that the US betting market was rapidly changing despite being behind Europe’s market. Colorado and New Jersey were also noted as the most progressive states in the country, with others to follow suit soon.

“Back in May, when we announced the closing of our financing round, we stated that we were looking to expand into the US market and that we were looking to become a licensed betting supplier. Today, just a couple of months later, we have kept our promise,” Mirzaee said.

“The betting market in the US is changing, and while it is still lagging behind its European counterpart, it without a doubt will be one of the biggest and most relevant markets soon. Out of all the states, New Jersey and Colorado happened to be the most progressive and open to innovation, but we expect others to follow suit very shortly.”

Besides its reputation as an esports data provider for tournament organizers, Bayes Esports is a game publisher and betting platform developer. The German-based company is partnered with Riot Games, ESL Gaming, OGA, Beyond the Summit, BETER, and several other notable names in the esports industry.

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