Record $3m slots jackpot up for grabs at NJ online casinos

New Jersey slots players have the chance to become instant millionaires, as the Garden State now boasts the biggest online progressive jackpot in the United States.

As of March 4, the record kitty stands at more than $3 million. Matthew Sunderland, Gaming Director at Roar Digital, said the figures is “a testament to the great exclusive titles that we’re offering across BetMGM’s casino platform”.

The progressive jackpot applies to five online slot games on the Roar Digital network:

• Melon Madness
• Biker Pigs
• Loot’En Khamun
• Going Nuts
• Luck O’ The Jackpot

Those titles can be played at the following New Jersey online casinos:

• BetMGM
• Party Casino
• Borgata Online Casino

How do progressive jackpots work?

The $3 million progressive jackpot is not the only big prize on offer. Each of the five games on the network offers access to five different jackpot prizes. Every time you make a spin, you give yourself a chance to win one of the five progressive jackpots. The Colossal Cash Jackpot is the one that is currently at over $3 million.

Here are those five progressive jackpots:

• Colossal Cash Jackpot (beginning at $125,000)
• Mega Cash Jackpot (beginning at $10,000)
• Super Cash Jackpot (beginning at $750)
• Quick Cash Jackpot (beginning at $200)
• Blitz Cash Jackpot (beginning at $40)

Every bet made on one of the eligible games contributes to the jackpots and until they are won. When one of the progressive prizes is claimed, the jackpot resets at the starting total.

How to win progressive jackpot slots

When playing one of the five aforementioned online slots, the amount in each jackpot is displayed on the screen. The chance to win one of the five jackpots is randomly triggered. When a lucky player unlocks the jackpot feature – called ‘The Big One’ – another jackpot screen appears that has a colored wheel and three circles.

When a player then clicks on the PLAY button, the colors of the circles will keep changing until the player clicks on the STOP button. The player will then be paid out one of the five progressive jackpots, as determined by the colors of the three circles.

Here are the color combinations associated with the jackpots:

• Colossal Cash Jackpot (3 lavender circles)
• Mega Cash Jackpot (3 green circles)
• Super Cash Jackpot (3 blue circles)
• Quick Cash Jackpot (3 red circles)
• Blitz Cash Jackpot (3 orange circles or any combination of multiple colors)

One thing to take note of is that the five progressive jackpot games have a lower RTP (return-to-player percentage) than other slot games at New Jersey online casinos. This can be an issue for players that are working with a limited bankroll, as a lower RTP means you win back less money on average. The five progressive jackpot slots that offer The Big One are open to all members of BetMGM Casino, Borgata Casino, and Party Casino.

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