Public support for mobile betting in NY could cost New Jersey

It is no secret that New Jersey has benefitted from neighboring New York not having legal mobile sports wagering. Last year the Garden State’s estimated handle for sports bets coming from residents of the Big Apple was $837 million. However, public support in New York for legal mobile sports betting may sway lawmakers in the state to make it a reality, and that would cost New Jersey sportsbooks.

A recent survey conducted in New York showed that 61% of residents are in support of legalizing mobile sports betting in the state. Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. stated that he has used the results of the poll to make a case for New York to include mobile sports betting in the state budget for the next fiscal year.

“These numbers from this recent survey reaffirm what we we have known for a while, that our New York residents want a legal, safe and accessible way to do mobile sports betting in New York,” Addabbo said.

“That’s why I believe given the fact that the sports betting industry is growing rapidly, along with our current budget’s need for revenue and educational funding, the time is now to incorporate mobile sports betting into this year’s New York State’s budget.”

The budget proposals for both the New York Senate and Assembly are expected to be released on March 18, before the state budget is finalized on April 1.

The poll in question was performed over the phone to 800 voters in New York in February. The research firm Anzalone Liszt Grove Research collaborated with the Parkside Group in conducting the survey, which was commissioned by DraftKings and FanDuel – two of the most popular sports betting operators in New Jersey.

Of the people taking part in the survey, 23% preferred the current system where sports betting in New York is restricted to the land-based casinos upstate. That situation sees a significant number of New Yorkers cross the border to gamble on New Jersey betting apps.

Here is a breakdown of the groups that support online sports betting the most:

• 82% of men under 50 years old
• 78% of people who have previously wagered on sports
• 77% of residents of Long Island
• 72% of Democrats that are under 50 years old
• 71% of Latinos
• 67% of Caucasian voters that are college educated
• 66% of women of color

The survey also showed 44% of voters in New York want that the state legislature change the existing law to allow for legal mobile sports betting in New York. Around 30% prefer a constitutional amendment to allow for mobile wagering. It is the position of New York governor Andrew Cuomo that the constitution must be changed before mobile betting can be legalized in New York.

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