PointsBet Parlay Booster already a big hit with NJ gamblers

The new Parlay Booster feature at PointsBet has already paid off handsomely for one New Jersey bettor. The gambler in question had an eight-team $100 parlay for table tennis that would have paid $5,085 with standard odds, but the Parlay Booster improved that return by some 40% to $6,951.

According to a recent press release from PointsBet, the Parlay Boost feature is the first of its kind in the United States sports betting market. It allows a bettor at the New Jersey online sportsbook to construct personal parlay wagers with a significant odds boost. The Parlay Boost can apply to tickets of three legs or more, and the more bets in the parlay, the bigger the bonus boost.

To take advantage of the PointsBet Parlay Boost, players have to use their daily token by clicking on the ‘Parlay Boost’ box that will show up automatically when a player starts to build a multi bet. The token is available only one time per day, but there are chances to get more via the PointsBet loyalty program.

The price boost is in proportion to the size of the parlay bet. The more legs that are in the parlay bet, the longer the odds will be. Therefore, the more legs in the parlay, the bigger the price boost will be.

PointsBet has not released official figures for the percentages of the price boost. However, if a parlay with eight legs has an extra return of 40%, it is likely that the boost would be 50% or more for a parlay with 10-12 legs.

A PointsBet company spokesman stated about the new Parlay Booster, “Initial response has been terrific. We are thrilled.”

It remains to be seen if the Parlay Boost will continue when the more popular betting sports such as baseball, hockey, basketball, and football return. PointsBet, which originated in Australia, has a non-traditional presence in the New Jersey sports betting market and the Parlay Boost is another aspect of the sportsbook that points to that fact.

PointsBet New Jersey has been lauded for betting initiatives that put the customer first. One example of this is its Good Karma payouts, which give bettors some relief if there is a bad beat.

Johnny Aitken, the PointsBet USA CEO, recently stated that the Quick Parlay Builder and In-Play Parlay features have been popular with players. The Parlay Booster is simply another step in the process.

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