Live Streaming Sports in New Jersey

Live Streaming Sports in New Jersey

Live streaming at sports betting sites in New Jersey is expanding rapidly, with it possible to watch many live events via online betting sites. Our guide to live streaming will run you through what horse racing and sports streams are available at NJ betting sites.

Live Steaming Sports New Jersey

William Hill New Jersey does not currently offer live streaming on sports, but it’s safe to assume that they will in the not too distant future. In October of 2019, William Hill US CEO Joe Asher spoke of the potential of live streaming with SBC Magazine.

“I think live streaming for in-play is going to be really big in the US – one of the big opportunities in US sports, not limited to tennis but for all sports,” Asher told SBC. “I’m a big believer in streaming where you can watch the video and place the bet right there in the app. There’s no doubt that’s where the future is going to be.”

Asher’s excitement about the potential implementation of live streaming is understandable. And while he may be right that this is where the future of sports betting in New Jersey and around the United States is heading, for some online NJ sportsbooks, the future is now. In this liver streaming primer, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about live streaming to get you up to date on this exciting technology.

What is Live Streaming?How do I watch live sports at New Jersey sportsbooks?

If you are able to visit a physical casino in New Jersey, most of them have a designated are for the sportsbook that offers multiple televisions broadcasting sporting events around the clock. The Book at Bally’s and the William Hill at Ocean Casino in Atlantic City are two of the most highly-rated sportsbooks in the state, and both offer a Las Vegas-style sportsbook experience with a room full of massive television sets to watch broadcasts on.

Outside of visiting a New Jersey sportsbook in person, you can also sign up for an online sportsbook that offers live streaming. Live streaming sports allows you to watch and bet on action live from the comfort of your own home or on the go with your favorite mobile device.

Which sportsbooks stream live sports in New Jersey?

As of February of 2020, there are four online NJ sportsbooks that offer live streaming on sporting events.

Bet365 Login

Bet365 NJ

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Bet365 is firmly ahead of the curve when it comes to live streaming sports in New Jersey. If you’ve placed a bet on the platform within the last 24 hours, you have full access to the website’s live streaming services.

Instead of treating live streaming like an afterthought, Bet365 features it prominently throughout its online sportsbook. The integration between live streaming and live betting is extremely intuitive. Right on the main page you can click on “Live In-Play” to view a full schedule of the day’s live betting events. There is a video icon on all of these events, letting you know at a glance which live betting games will also be live streaming on Bet365.

So if you are the type of person that only likes to bet on a game if you can watch it, this schedule allows you to see up to a week an advance what games Bet365 will have available for live streaming and live betting. The site offers a healthy variety of live streams of international sporting events including hockey, soccer, and tennis.


Watch FanDuel live streams in 2024

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– While Bet365 is an excellent option for live betting and live streaming, it’s interface is very crowded and can be a little intimidating to sports betting beginners. The FanDuel Sportsbook in New Jersey is another great option that looks great and is easy to use.

When you access the online sportsbook on your computer, clicking the live tab will bring you to a page with all of the live betting options currently available. There are separate tabs for each sport as well as a tab titled “Watch Live” that displays all of the events that are currently being live streamed. After clicking on an event that is being live streamed, you are brought to a page that has the stream at the top and all of the live betting options displayed right below it. This is a very user friendly experience.


BetMGM live streaming

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BetMGM just started live streaming in January of 2020, so the streaming services aren’t quite as comprehensive as Bet365’s and FanDuel’s just yet. To access live streaming events, bettors can click on the “Live” tab at the top of the sportsbook or simply use the media box that is prominent on the right-hand side of the page.

The sportsbook current offerings are mostly in international soccer leagues and tennis. But there could be some major growth in the not-so-distant future for BetMGM. Ray Doyle, the director of digital media at Roar Digital (which operates BetMGM), has hinted at potential expansion down the line.

“All we can say right now is that there are a wide variety of options we’re considering for how to enhance our live-streamed sports content,” Doyle told Front Office Sports. “We plan to grow the number and types of sports events live-streamed. The events that are currently available … make it among the leading providers of live sports streaming in mobile betting, and we’re just getting started.”

SugarHouse Casino Sports

SugarHouse live sports streams online

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he SugarHouse sportsbook was one of the very first to offer live streaming in the state of New Jersey. Selecting the “streaming live” tab on the main website will bring you to a page that shows you both events that are live right now as well as upcoming live streaming events.

Like Bet365, the ability to easily access which events will be streaming live throughout the day is nice for bettors that want to plan ahead. SugarHouse offers a good range of tennis live streams due to its partnership with IMG Arena.

Can I bet on sports live in-play?

Yes. One of the most exciting things about live streaming an event is pairing it with live in-play betting. Sportsbooks are investing in live streaming for exactly this reason; it gives customers viewing access to sporting events that they may not otherwise be able to see, which in turn creates more live betting opportunities.

In a perfect world, live streaming would eventually evolve to cover all of the major sports and events both in the United States and around the world. But most of the major sports leagues have exclusive television broadcasting rights with certain networks that would make working out legal streaming deals impossible in the current marketplace.

Then again, these are events that you already have easy access to. If you want to live bet on a New York Giants game or a New Jersey Devils game, you are already going to be able to pull that up on your local television networks or watch it at your local bar. And with all of New Jersey’s sportsbooks offering live betting on events with mobile compatibility, it’s easy enough to watch and live bet on major events.

Tennis matches or soccer games that aren’t televised, on the other hand, are much more difficult and expensive to find legal streams of. So without sportsbooks offering live streams on these events, fans of these sports might be hesitant to make live bets without being able to see the game unfolding. Thanks to live streaming, that isn’t an issue anymore; live betting your favorite international sports based on your live in-game observations is easier than ever.

And as the industry continues to grow and live streaming continues to grow in popularity over old-school television networks, this pairing between live betting and live streaming should only grow stronger.

Will other sportsbooks start live streaming soon?

As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, it stands to reason that all of the sportsbooks operating in New Jersey (or at least the ones most serious about competing in the market) will eventually offer live-streaming options to their customers. Only time will tell what sportsbooks will get live streaming next, but here are five NJ sportsbooks that shouldn’t be far behind.

Unibet and William Hill – These two European based sportsbooks already offer live streaming on their international online sportsbooks. With the technology already in place, it seems like a safe bet that incorporating this technology into their United States-based sites will come as soon as streaming rights deals are sorted out. As mentioned above, William Hill CEO Joe Asher certainly seems keen to the idea.

Caesars and DraftKings – DraftKings is a direct competitor with FanDuel. Similarly, Caesars has a long-standing rivalry for market share against MGM. Now that FanDuel and BetMGM are both offering live streaming to their customers, these rival companies may want to follow suit to make sure that they don’t fall too far behind in the race for traffic.

Fox Bet – This seems like a match made in heaven. FOX already offers promotions based on its TV and radio personalities. And as a company with lots of exclusive television rights on major sporting events, gaining access to exclusive live streaming rights seems like a potential way to offer the New Jersey market something unique that it can’t get from any other sportsbook. There are obviously existing deals in place and other obstacles to overcome, but it would be crazy to see an entertainment company like FOX not get in on the broadcasting side of things.

Which sportsbook apps show live sports?

While Bet365 NJ has a slight edge over the competition when it comes to live streaming on a computer, it simply blows the competition away in regards to its mobile app’s streaming capabilities.

Bet365 NJ is the only mobile application that is currently compatible with live streaming. And this is a live-streaming app built with sports bettors in mind. Instead of forcing you to leave the stream to navigate the rest of the app, the Bet365 app allows you to pin the event that you are watching to your screen while you continue to have full access to all of the app’s betting lines.

Needless to say, this is a perfect companion for live betting, as you can pin the stream to your phone or mobile device’s screen while you pull up on bet on live lines for the event that you are watching. But even if you don’t want to use it to live bet, you can still pin your stream and navigate the rest of the site, checking lines and placing wagers on other events while you enjoy rooting on your side on the live stream.

Keep in mind that live streaming a fairly new industry, especially in the New Jersey sports betting market. More online sportsbooks are sure to follow the ones that are currently live streaming events into the market, and advancements in technology and new licensing rights being made available will only enhance the product. Bet365 may be on top of the hill for now, but look for plenty of new options and big things to come from live streaming in New Jersey in the 2020’s.