UFC 241 Cormier v Miocic Betting Preview & Predictions

The heavyweights are back and UFC 241 main event presents a huge MMA event in what is a rematch for the UFC heavyweight title with Daniel Cormier facing off with former champion Stipe Miocic. NewJerseySportsBet.com takes a look the betting and odds on the main event and undercard with our predictions and betting opportunities.

UFC 241 Heavyweight Title Cormier v Miocic

Saturday August 17 2019
Honda Center, Anaheim United States

Cormier v Miocic MMA Records & Betting Odds

  • Daniel Cormier: 22-1 (-145)
  • Stipe Miocic: 18-3 (+125)

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UFC 241 is a very anticipated event with a few great bouts with several stars in the sport highlighted by the main event of Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight title. In the first heavyweight title fight between these two on July 7th of 2018 Cormier won convincingly with a first-round KO.

This is a great matchup where the key will be which fighter can fight their preferred fight. Miocic is the much taller fighter at 6’4” and looks to impose his will on his feet with his boxing style keeping the shorter Cormier (5’11”) from getting inside and taking the match to the ground. Cormier wants to stay close to Miocic clinching him and grappling with him with his preferred wrestling style and he definitely has the advantage when taking the fight to the mat.

In the first matchup last year both traded blows in the first round and grappled for a while and then Cormier landed a hard right flush on Miocic. Once Cormier knocked Miocic down he hit him with several blows while Miocic was unconscious and the fight was called soon after.

Miocic is a great boxer and has the major advantage when it comes to reach, and he has a solid jab that he works behind. He will use that jab to keep Cormier from getting inside as well as to set up his attack. He is very composed on his feet and in the middle of the mat and if he can keep Cormier away from him, he has the big advantage and in high pace fights he usually gets the win.

Miocic will look to always be moving forward toward Cormier, as he will look to pump the jab and strike and take advantage of counter-strikes. If he gets his way, he will use the jab and punches to back Cormier into the cage repeatedly striking him with Cormier not being able to retreat. If the fight is a medium range one Miocic and he is able to pressure Cormier with punching combinations, then he will have the upper hand.

Cormier is also solid at pressuring his opponent, but rather than with a barrage of punches he looks to clinch and grapple getting up close and avoiding punches. If the bout is on the ground or the two fighters are up close Cormier will definitely have the advantage. He uses his outstretched arms to take away opponent’s punches and also uses that tactic in order to know the best time when to enter a clinch. When Cormier gets a clinch, he can strike as well as use various wrestling moves to try to take down his opponent.

In the beginning of the first fight between these two Cormier had some punching exchanges with Miocic with outstretched arms. He surprised Miocic later in the round reaching for him, but instead of looking for the clinch he threw several punches. After that when Cormier was not aggressive Miocic landed a few punches on the counter. That is what he will have to do to be successful in this bout as well.

While Miocic is a solid wrestler and a good fighter when on the mat he is not in the same league as Cormier. If this bout does go to the ground Miocic has to avoid getting on the bottom. Cormier is great at getting the advantage from on top and looking for submissions as well as other positions that will let him get a barrage of strikes to finish off his opponent.

Cormier does have the advantage if the fight is at very close range and on the mat, but he has had trouble at times struggling with bigger opponents. He is shorter than Miocic by five inches but has around 10 pounds on him. The reason Cormier was not because of his ground game, but because he caught Miocic flush with a punch that sent him to the mat.

Since their heavyweight fight in Las Vegas in July of last year Cormier has only fought once, with an easy win over Derrick Lewis, and Miocic has not fought.

NewJerseySportsBet.Com Prediction: The strategy is not tough to see in this fight with Miocic looking to box and stay upright and Cormier looking to get inside and take the fight to the ground. This time around Miocic will not be surprised by a punch and he will keep Cormier at bay. Because of that he will win on points getting the decision in a fight that will go all five rounds and take the heavyweight title.

  • Miocic By Points
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