Win a share of $500 every day in BetMGM Trivia Quiz

Trivia buffs have a chance to show off their chops in the daily tournaments now available at the BetMGM New Jersey sportsbook.

The topics of the BetMGM Trivia Quiz change every day and the daily prize pool is up to $500. To win the challenge and take home a share of the prize money, you have to answer each of the 10 questions correctly. The fewer players that answer all 10 questions correctly, the higher your share will be. Best of all, the tournaments are free to enter.

The questions for the trivia contest are on the BetMGM New Jersey sportsbook app. New players can create an account to take part in the trivia contest and there is no deposit required to do so. You can play in the contest one time per day.

Here is a rundown of the rules:

• On the BetMGM sportsbook app click on the Trivia Quiz icon
• Get ready for the 10 questions presented
• You only have 10 seconds to answer each question
• If you answer correctly you go to the next question
• Answer wrongly and the contest for the day ends
• You will get paid out for 10 correct answers
• The questions for the contest are on the app from 9am to 11:59pm EST

Players that take part in the quiz every day can win even more money in BetMGM’s weekly leaderboard contest. Every correct answer contributes a point towards your leaderboard score, and the highest-ranked players at the end of the week take home a cash prize. The payout splits for the top scorers of the week are:

• 1st place: $1,000
• 2nd place: $500
• 3rd place: $250
• 4th place: $150
• 5th place: $100

The BetMGM Trivia Quiz is also available at BetMGM Indiana and is coming soon to BetMGM West Virginia.

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